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At Stonepits Farm we are very aware of the provenance of our food and we source it with great care.

Much of our meat is home produced and our lives revolve very much around the animals we rear and the ceaseless quest to provide good food for our table.

Food as it used to be, with good home cooking from good local produce, homemade bread and preserves and irresistible cakes and biscuits made from the finest ingredients.

Wherever possible our food is both seasonal and local and we use our own meat whenever we can.

We always ensure that any food we buy does not contain any 'hidden egg' products where the egg content may have been sourced from caged birds.

Our own eggs are freshly laid by our hens and ducks who have free range of the gardens and barns, and scratch around gobbling up all the good things they find to eat.  Most of our poultry are ex-battery hens that have been re-homed and given a life that is as far removed from their original confined existence as it is possible to get.  In return for their freedom and a little food and kindness they give us the most unbelievable deep-orange yolked eggs for breakfast and for our cooking.

The chicken we buy is always free-range and to high welfare standards.

We keep a small herd of Devon (Red Ruby) cattle, a breed famous for its excellent beef, and our pork (and homemade bacon) comes from our own pigs which roam freely in a small area of woodland on our holding. We do not have organic certification but strive to produce the most ethically and welfare-friendly meat we can.

There is enormous satisfaction in rearing our food in this way, and in being able to share it with other people.