Blood Orange Marmalade ... hmm .. spot the mistake!

Blood Orange Marmalade March 15


only discovered blood oranges last year. Of course, I had always known they existed but I'd never actually used them for anything. And then one morning I reached, bleary eyed, for a bag of oranges for juicing, sliced one in half and lo! - it was like a crimson sunset inside. I was astonished until I inspected the bag and realised my mistake, and wondered if I dare present the resulting blood coloured jug at breakfast.

Fortunately that morning our guests were of a robust constitution and the juice was an outstanding success. It had a rich tangy flavour and a most incredible colour, and was delicious. For a while after this I was able to buy more blood oranges but then the supply in the shops seemed to peter out - I think they must be pretty much seasonal. So I've been looking out, with mounting excitement, for more blood oranges this year - only to be disappointed. So far the only ones I have managed to acquire have been from the supermarket and were far too expensive to use for juicing. But I couldn't resist them altogether. So I bought a couple of bags but instead of juicing them I decided to make them into marmalade and preserve the bounty.

Result -  ab-sol-utely SUPERB! So I'm hotfooting it back from whence they came to procure a massive supply before somebody else hogs the lot.

And spot the mistake ...? Whatever it says on the jar, I really did make it this year!