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The Two Hundred Pound Egg

The egg situation was becoming dire. The day's collection had amounted to two eggs -  one hen and the other duck - and there were four hungry guests anticipating breakfast the following morning. The girls, all twenty of them, had obviously made a collective decision to take a rest.

It's TWINS !!



If it hadn't been for the fact that she wasn't anywhere near her due dates, I would have said that Dolly the cow was in the early stages of calving. The night before last she was stomping around lashing her tail from side to side but although her udder was starting to 'bag up' it wasn't excessively so.

Blood Orange Marmalade ... hmm .. spot the mistake!

Blood Orange Marmalade March 15


only discovered blood oranges last year. Of course, I had always known they existed but I'd never actually used them for anything. And then one morning I reached, bleary eyed, for a bag of oranges for juicing, sliced one in half and lo! - it was like a crimson sunset inside. I was astonished until I inspected the bag and realised my mistake, and wondered if I dare present the resulting blood coloured jug at breakfast.

Catching Up

But The Boys Remain Undaunted ...


So, it's been a long time since my last blog entry and much has happened since then, but I will try and give a brief resume of the past year or so.

Mice in the Hice

A climbing frame for the children



The dogs had developed a new and all-consuming hobby ... there was Something In The Pantry, and their favourite balls had been ditched in relentless puruit of the new game of Spot-The-Mouse.

Something Would Have To Be Done.

So Now Only Four ...

... they followed alongside


I was worried.  Only four pigs had turned up to be fed and they were noticeably subdued.  Now dusk had slipped into darkness and there was still no sign of the missing pig despite repeated rattling of the pig bucket and the excited pre-dinner squeals of the others.


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